Top-Paying Jobs In Meteorology

Top-Paying Jobs In Meteorology

These experts can earn on average $64,000 dollars a year if they are lucky enough to work for a reputable agency. Meteorologists analyze and record data from surveys and supercomputers that help them to make accurate predictions about the weather.

Weather professionals can find jobs in the military, media (TV or radio), and climatology, and experienced or highly educated meteorologists may end up as a professor at a respectable university or college.

Chief meteorologists with tons of experience may land a salary that can go up to about $130,000 per year. Experienced individuals like these can often be found working for the military or international news channels.

Certain individuals have even been known to launch their own startups. Private weather forecasting companies can serve public and private meteorology interests. Many scientists that are not in the limelight work hard to improve the forecast models to find better ways of presenting and solving the physical processes of the atmosphere.

The field of meteorology can be flexible, offering field experts everything from quiet, comfortable jobs to high-intensity jobs out in the field. Meteorologists who work at an educational institution where they can work on cutting-edge meteorology research receive a high salary and be eligible for receiving tons of benefits on the job.

On the other hand, meteorologists can pursue the thrilling career of a storm chaser or researcher. This allows them to travel to record, monitor, and observe weather events as they happen. Wealthy independent researchers are free to travel to weather events as they please to conduct their own research independent of any boss or organization.

Meteorologists who prefer a high-paying job at a reputable institution, but enjoy media attention, could opt for a career as a Weather Channel reporter. This means they can also travel to see big weather events, gain public exposure, and enjoy the company benefits. These media reports can earn up to $88,000 annually.

Meteorology is an exciting field that is always advancing and has high-paying jobs go, some of the most rewarding professions out there.